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Hope for tobacco addicts is finally here: [India News] Rajkot, Apr.22 (ANI): For people who want to free themselves from the shackles of tobacco addiction hope has finally arrived. An Ayurvedic consultant, ...., has prepared a drink [oral drops], which makes one averse to the taste of tobacco when consumed.

Named Rid-tobak this product reduces the longing for tobacco , and even when a person consumes tobacco, will not give the person any stimulation that nicotine normally provides. The result: The consumer develops a dislike for smoking or chewing tobacco.

Rid-tobak has its impact within two minutes of consumption. He first tested the product on policemen, and received positive response. "My first target was the police force. Policemen are always under stress, and I felt they needed help. Those who took Rid-tobak are changed persons they are no longer seen smoking beedis during their patrols or when on duty at traffic islands or police stations.

"If Rid-tobak can cure policemen, it can have a positive impact on others too. After testing the medicine on policemen with positive results, I have gained in confidence, and am going to encourage other tobacco addicts to use this product" said ...., the founder of the product.


... Dr J D Patel, a cancer surgeon with M P Shah Cancer Hospital here, has been instrumental in introducing the drug to tobacco-users in the city. "This replacement for tobacco can free an addict from using tobacco...this is a wonderful [preparation] that replaces tobacco with no side effect... without any carcinogenic effect. .....

... [Dr Ankur Dave, active in tobacco and drug de-addiction for a decade, has used the product on hundreds of subjects in de-addiction camps, in combination with psychotherapy and counseling... he reports that the majority of those using Rid-tobak were able to give up the habit.]


Cigarettes and cigarette smoke contain over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known to cause cancer. American Cancer Society

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