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Privacy Policy
We do not capture your credit information. We do not share your name, address or email with anyone else. The only reason for contacting you by email might be to ask your reaction and experience with our product.

Customer Service
Our email address is h98res-quittobacco@yahoo.com. We can be reached for comment at (877) 246-5939, but we encourage you to read all the info on the website, as it is complete.

Please recall that use of our product by you is not under our control, therefore we can not garantee the results you will have -- however we believe, based on experience over 20,000+ subjects in India that Rid-tobak is perfectly safe for anyone, and is completely non-toxic. Also, no allergic reactions have ever been reported. Rid-tobak is not returnable or refundable (but see below for rebate offer).

Pickup of your product to save delivery time
If you live in the area of New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken or Newark we can arrange for you to pick up your order for cash (only) locally. There is a $5.00 surcharge for this convenience. Call between Noon and 2:00pm for this purpose (877) 246-5939. We do not have a regular walk-in location.

Special Rebate
We will offer a rebate of $6.00 for orders of one or two units of Rid-tobak when the customer agrees to fill in and return a form describing his experience with our product. This offer may be discontinued at any time. The rebate is only available for Rid-tobak that is purchased directly from this website on line via PayPal. To apply for the rebate you must download the Log Sheet prior to receiving your order. We must agree to the rebate BEFORE you order and must receive the completed user log before mailing the rebate to you.

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