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What is Rid-tobak?
Rid-tobak is an all natural formulation of herbal extracts especially prepared after long research and testing. The formulation refreshes the mouth and makes the taste of all forms of tobacco un-interesting or in some cases distasteful. The effect depends upon the individual user's mouth conditions. Herbal extracts are derived from Withania Somnifera, Evolvolus Alsinoides, Centella Asiatica, Asparagus Adscendens, Ocimum Sanctum and Avena Sativa.

Will Rid-tobak give me the same pleasure as tobacco?
No. But that is part of the 'habit-modification' process.

Is tobacco is to be continued along with Rid-tobak?
You may, but be sure to use Rid-tobak as directed at least three times a day.

Will Rid-tobak replace tobacco?
You may use tobacco while using Rid-tobak, but it will not be pleasurable as before. That is how Rid-tobak works. It helps you to lose interest in tobacco. You may also find a calming effect, and that you lose the desire for the 'kick' of tobacco.

Where did Rid-tobak come from?
Over the last ten years, Rid-tobak has been developed and tested in India, where the use of tobacco is endemic and attendant problems are very severe. Smoking, chewing of raw tobacco and use of snuff are all popular. Indians have a high rate of mouth cancer, lung cancer, submucous fibrosa and leucoplakia. Rid-tobak in India has been used for ten years to wean tobacco users from smoking and chewing as part of various de-addiction programs. Now that it has evolved to have a pleasant taste, a small volume and a long shelf life, it is being introduced around the world.

How is Rid-tobak used?
Start any time, but wait a few minutes after eating or brushing teeth before use. Then, put a few drops under your tongue, and a few on it. About 6-8 drops total. Try not to swallow for two minutes and then just forget about it. Repeat this process after about four hours. We suggest you use it a few minutes before you would normally smoke your first cigarrete of the day, and then just before lunch and just before dinner. If you need one or two drops at other times, feel free.

How fast does Rid-tobak work?
Very, very fast. Within minutes after taking it in your mouth, it will make tobacco less interesting to you. As long as you continue to use Rid-tobak a few times a day, you will progressively lose your interest for cigarettes or chewing. You must stick with it optimistically, of course. Other encouragement and the use of a cigarette substitute may help some people, but FAITHFULL use of Rid-tobak throughout each day until the supply is used up will work -- just don't give up!

How much should I purchase?
For most people one dropper bottle and 7-14 days is enough. If you know yourself to be easily attracted back to tobacco even after quitting, we suggest you keep a second bottle on hand for immediate reinforcement during later temptation. Each bottle is 15ml (subject to change as the public demands).

Can Rid-tobak be used by young smokers?
Yes. It is not contraindicated at any age.

Is there anything toxic in Rid-tobak?
NO. You need not worry if it is accidently consumed. It also contains no artificial sweeteners or colors.

What is the success rate of Rid-tobak for people who have used it to leave off tobacco use?
Studies and trials in India by the developer and by hundreds of other doctors and de-addiction clinics and camps in India have reported success rates between 84% and 100%. Around 20,000 subjects have used it without any reported side effects or sensitivities. Many of the trials have involved supportive psychotherapy or other forms of encouragement... but for a motivated person, Rid-tobak may be the best and most cost-effective aid to quitting tobacco ever offered to the public.

What chemicals are used in Rid-tobak?

Is there alcohol in Rid-tobak?
No. It is not irritating or bitter, like some other oral products.

Is Rid-tobak safe for diabetics?
It is a food supplement product and has no side effects. However, as you know, tobacco addiction also impairs some endocrine functions. Tobacco withdrawal might itself influence some changes in insulin level, so blood sugar should be monitored along with the process of de-addiction, and contact a physician if you need to as you stop your tobacco use. Rid-tobak by itself will not cause an effect, according to the Indian .

In High Blood Pressure patients, what will Rid-tobak do?
As you know, tobacco is a vasoconstrictor (narrowing of blood vessels is an effect of tobacco use, and this increases blood pressure). Quitting tobacco can actually result in a lowering of blood pressure and it is advised have a physician follow and perhaps readjust the dosage of medications, if he sees a need to do so. We claim that Rid-tobak is safe but every individual case of High BP or Diabetes should be followed by a qualified doctor, especially when changes in habits such as smoking are in progress.

Is Rid-tobak safe in Pregnancy?
Yes, according to its producers. It is a food product, not a drug. It is also used very sparingly. The tobacco addiction itself is unhealthy for the fetus and the mother, and withdrawal before pregnancy would be even more advisable. Consult your doctor about quitting tobacco during pregnancy.

Is Rid-tobak FDA approved?
No, Rid-tobak is sold as an herbal 'Anti-Tobacco Mouth Freshener'. It is consists of herbal food supplement ingredients, not drugs, and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. It does not require FDA approval. The fact that Rid-tobak also is helpful to persons who smoke and are trying to quit can be considered incidental, and although that is why it is so desireable, tobacco use is not a medical condition or disease.

What is your guarantee?
Everyone who follows the directions for use faithfully experiences a marked reduction or elimination of tobacco use. As for starting smoking again, this depends on your resolve and the stresses in your life, which we can not control... however the action of Rid-tobak does work to change your subliminal attitude towards tobacco, so you have a greater chance of staying away from it. As we can neither evaluate your personal situation nor control the way you use the product or your motivation, we can not guarantee the level of your personal success -- although statistically it is very high. Please write to us detailing your experience.

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