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Let us remember that the habits we possess have grown with us and we have nurtured them over long periods of time... that is why they are HABITS. Thus, when we make up our minds to cast off our old addictions, we cannot expect miracles. And if we do, we are only fooling ourselves. But habits can be shed, all it needs is a bit of will, patience, and faith in one's ability to free one's mind from the bondage of one's bodily instincts... instincts created by practice, by none other than one's own self. [Twilightbridge.com]

To overcome the barrier - one must:

1. Acknowledge that one is living a life on the terms dictated by tobacco smoke.

2. Acknowledge that one's freedom has been sacrificed on the altar of a habit.

3. Decide to make a positive change - regain what we have surrendered to habit.

4. Chose an approach or method and/or tools or aids to use in the fight for freedom.

You may be astonished to know that 60% of smokers genuinely want to give up, but they can't.

Our masculine egos (females inclusive) prevent us from accepting the fact that we have become slaves to a habit that we ourselves had started. We love believing that we can quit the habit any time we want to, but we are only fooling ourselves and sinking further into quicksand. Before solving a problem we have to acknowledge that the problem exists, and if you don't do that well you can't win battles with shadows. But if you are brave enough to accept that cigarettes are impinging on your freedom to be whatever you could be then the journey from base camp to the first plateau is already accomplished.

We are all born free. Freedom is as basic to our psychological integrity as food and water are to our physical being. Most smokers know every reason that exists in the book to quit, but they don't... because they manage to satisfy the basic instinct of freedom by logic and rational frames which are flawed at their very root, such as: all of us have to die (But not all of us commit suicide!).....everybody is a slave to hunger and thirst (Unlike tobacco smoke, food and water aid us to survive, Why do smokers blind themselves and confuse survival instincts with suicidal ones).....the argument could go on and on... [Twilightbridge.com]


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