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Rid-tobak Mouth Freshener is an all herbal preparation without any drugs, chemicals or nicotine, that helps decrease your desire for tobacco and helps you to cut down or quit quickly without the usual level of withdrawal. Inexpensive, safe for all. Only eight drops on the tongue three times a day. Two to four weeks of use has been highly successful for over 20,000 subjects who wanted to quit various forms of tobacco use (chewing, smoking, snuff) over the last ten years. Success rates approach 100%.
Tobacco addiction has four components:
  • Taste of tobacco calls to the user
  • Craving for Nicotine is due to chemical dependancy built in the body during use
  • Anxiety, calmed by tobacco use, comes to the fore - making withdrawal difficult
  • The nicotine "Kick" experienced by smokers is something they look forward to when they light-up
Nicotine Gums and Patches (NRT) address only the craving (and still contain the toxin, nicotine). Pills like Wellbutrin only address the Anxiety of withdrawal. The combination of both still leaves the subject longing for the taste and kick of tobacco.
Rid-tobak addresses all four of these components of addiction.
  1. It makes the taste of tobacco flat or unattractive, so you lose interest
  2. It fights the effects of nicotine craving
  3. It has a calming effect
  4. It removes the "Kick" from smoking
Rid-tobak has been developed and used over the past ten years on tens of thousands of subjects with success rates between 84-100%. It is the fastest, least expensive, most effective aid to quitting tobacco anywhere.
Avoid tobacco to reduce your risk for mouth cancer, lung cancer, pulmonary disease, leukoplakia, submucous fibrosa, emphysema, low energy, complications of peripheral artery disease and general malaise. Rid-tobak can help you quit.
Financial Benefit of Quitting: If you smoke 1/2 pack a day, you save $1000 a year. If a pack a day, you save $2000. These savings based on $5.50/pack.

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