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I do not make any written agreement or committment to a specific term for using my services, but please take a moment to read below.. I am an individual in a very small enterprise, nothing more. So many things can affect our schedule and my income. These are my service rules and my limits:

I use the cleaning supplies which you provide. Please ensure that you have enough on hand. (see "Needed Supplies")

I would like to avoid trouble between employee (me) and employer (you)...

We may occasionally have a miscommunication problem (language), or an emergency situation... So please call me 201 377-0371, or send E- mail if you change your plans with at least 24 hours notice. I am saving the days and times for you and it is hard to find an alternate client quickly. Generally, housekeepers do not have a fixed salary (the worker may come to your house from far away ) and you would be charged for nothing.

Also I have had some experience with "Lockouts". Your housekeeper will waste her time and transportation money. The fee for lockouts or late cancellations is $30.00. I respect your belongings and am responsible to protect your privacy and security. I want you to respect my time and energy.

I prefer to receive cash, but accept credit cards via the web (only). If you would like to pay for your cleaning services with a credit card, please use the PaPal service. (see "Make a Payment") I prefer to receive my payment the SAME DAY I give you service, or in advance when possible.

If our scheduled cleaning date is on a holiday, I will be sure to contact you to attempt to reschedule your cleaning.

Do I work on Sundays? I do not schedule regular services on Sundays (except an emergency). Doing this work is hard enough, I need a day off to recuperate. But please feel free to ask me for the help. I might be able to refer some alternate person.

Maria's cleaning site

Cleaning and Organizing -- Organizing is different from cleaning in that it involves creating a system for storing and finding things. I have been asked to organize bills, inside closets, or desktops by a lot of desperate bachelors... I am pretty good at it. and I would happy to help you organize, but it will be more time consuming than the cleaning and more COSTLY for you. So if you can take a few moments the evening before to pick up any clothing, gathering mail and newspapers and other household stuff, I will concentrate on the cleaning and it will save your money.

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