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It is hard to run all over, working two hours here, an hour there, therefore, there is a four-hour minimum.. (If you have a one small studio and no need to do laundry, a three-hour minimum. But, of course, depending upon the condition of your residence. )

I offer three frequencies of residential cleaning service (Weekly/Bi-weekly/One-time). Prices below are not absolutes. They are guidelines. I need to see and discuss the job with you.

Prices Subject to On-Site Confirmation
Studio without laundry $60-70 (3 hours maximum)
Studio includes laundry (your supplies)$65 - $75
One Bed without laundry $70 - $80
One Bed includes laundry $75 - $90
Two Bed without laundry $80 - $100
Two Bed includes laundry $90 - $125
Additional Bedrooms, each, approximately $10 - $20
Single Family Residences without laundry $85 - $120
Single Family Residences includes laundry $90 - $150

Prices Subject to On-Site Confirmation
Prices may be $5-15 more than in the table above, as less frequent visits mean more work per visit and scheduling is more difficult.

Key benefit: Allows you to focus on the move-in at your new place. After you move out of your apartment or home, I will do the clean up and avoid extra service charges or loss of deposit. Or, if needed, I will pre-clean your empty new home before you move in.

This work is more difficult than you think. Perhaps, "there is no furniture" but if the person before your move did not clean adequately, it takes a lot of time and much more effort to give the results you want. $20-35/hour (four hours minimum).

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