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I offer three levels of residential cleaning service. see [Cleaning Rates]

I do an estimate for each apartment, but taking a look and working are very different. Especially when I go to a new apartment, even though I have 15-years experience in this business, I sometimes realize I've made a mistake. I may find sawdust, ( because the apartment is new); if my clients have a lot of decoration, I need to spend more time dusting; and if there are rugs but there is only a floor vacuum, it is hard to vacuum and takes extra time.

I help at parties, open house (pricing will be one-time-only) and emergency situations. This is what happened to me one Friday (November, 2000): A young man called me at 9:00pm. He wanted me to clean his apartment immediately, because a 'special person' was coming! I got there at 10:15pm, and worked until 1:30am. I have never seen such a mess! Please! I will not work that late at standard rates. (That one was at $85/hr.) But, If I can, I will help you. The work I do is from my heart with care.

Please tell me what kinds of jobs need to be done. If I am not able to help you, my associate might. Please call Marcus at (212)-955-9071. He can also put you in touch with me. (As I am seldom near my phone, and only give my pager to selected clients, this is more efficient.)

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