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Approximate Cost of Services

General Cleaning - Weekly
Studio One Bedroom

$55 - up

Without laundry

$65 - up (One -Two loads)

Includes laundry
(your supplies)

$70 - up

Without laundry

$80 - up (One -Two loads)
$90 - up (Three -Four loads)

Includes laundry
(your supplies)

General Cleaning - Bi-weekly
Studio One Bedroom

$60 - up

Without laundry

$70 - up (One-Two loads)

Includes laundry
(your supplies)

$75 - up

Without laundry

$85 - up (One -Two loads)
$95 - up (Three - Four loads)

Includes laundry
(your supplies)

The prices above include one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room. Additional rooms (bed, bath etc..) - may involve additional cost.

There is a $10.00~$20.00 surcharge for first time cleaning. I charge this because it takes extra time and effort to start off a new location. Surcharge should be for only one time, as long as the work stays about the same.

*** Initial residential cleaning (the first time) costs more than subsequent regular visits, depending upon type of service and condition of your residence. The Initial or deep cleaning requires a lot more detailed attention and extra hard work.

One-time-only or irregular service is: (Move In/Out Cleaning, Heavy Cleaning, After Renovation, before Selling etc... ) $25.00/ hour- 4 hour minimum This work is more difficult than you think. Perhaps, "There is no furniture" but if the person before your move did not clean adequately, it takes a lot of my time and much more effort to give the results you want.

My service does not include dangerous outside window work, lots of mirrors, washing walls or carpet shampoo clean.

My estimate form page is temporarily out-of-order, so please email your information as below. Just cost for regular cleaning can be estimated if you will copy and paste the following into an email (an email button is in the left panel):

Day Tel
Eve Tel:
Best time to call you:
# of Bedrooms:
# of Bathrooms:
Floor you are on:
Elevator? (Y/N):
What Pets:
Desired Start:
Laundry (Y/N):
# of persons living in unit:
Other comments:

I do an estimate for each apartment, but taking a look and working are very different. Especially when I go to a new apartment, even though I have many years experience in this business, I sometimes realize I've made a mistake. If my clients have a lot of decoration, I have to spend more time dusting; and if there are rugs but there is only a floor vacuum, it is hard to vacuum and takes extra time.

Special Services

  • Clean inside refrigerator ($10 - $30 Extra / depends on condition)
  • Ovens - grills ($20 - $40 Extra / depends on condition)

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